Message from
CEO of the Water and Fire Restoration Industry

Power Restoration CEO

As owner of “Power Restoration” our agenda, and our vision is to provide every customer with professionalism, courtesy, and doing so with highly skilled technicians. A lot of my background consists of being a high-rise concrete worker in the unions in New York City (Local 6a) and also in Chicago IL (Local 4). Working on major projects such as “The New World Trade Center”,  “Trump Towers”, “The Rebuilding of Wrigley Field”, “The Rebuilding of Lower Wacker Drive”, and “The Renovation of Malcolm X College”.

My work ethic to this day at the age of (45) still supersede’s most. With the mind-set of getting the job done correctly, giving no excuses, and making sure that I upheld my duties and stayed accountable to all of my fellow co-workers. I brought that same work ethic and intensity to the water and fire restoration industry. Starting out as an apprentice/helper, and within 6 months climbed the ranks to a top tier lead crew chief. Generating revenue over 500,000k for former employers.

Being raised by my grandmother “Thelma Palin” a strong woman who was a heavily devoted Christian, she instilled in me to always do right by people, to work hard and always provide for your family. Which gave me the abilities to not only be a successful worker, but also how to professionally engage and interact with people. Those qualities transitioned me into easily becoming the owner/founder of  “Power Restoration”.

As a Fire and Water Damage Restoration owner, this is what “Power Restoration” will provide to everyone that we service. Men and women that will come to your location and go above and beyond and mitigate your loss. Mitigating losses following all the rules of “The S500”. This restoration companies culture is laid out plain and simple, restore homes and water damage commercial properties with professionalism, integrity, and help the families return to their normal living conditions. “Power Restoration” is also an insurance restoration company that works closely with all insurance companies. We walk through the entire process with each and every client from start to finish. Learn more about us by contacting our team today.